About Us

Riverbed Threads, LLC is a veteran owned and operated hat and t-shirt apparel business born out of a screen print and embroidery company constructed in 2013. Apparel brands sold by Riverbed Threads are Low Country Comfort Co.™, Ruffling Feathers™ , Local Hooker™ with the newest being Shot Caller™ and  Raised Right™. 
With childlike faith in God, an extremely rough vision for the business, and a huge desire to create an amazing future for their growing family, Josh and wife, Laura purchased a small-town mom and pop screen print and embroidery business after he returned from deployment. Laura is still a proud member of the US Air Force Reserve. Over the years, they have continuously worked on perfecting their craft while producing products for local community businesses and schools.
 In 2014, Josh started toying with the idea of his own brand. The first was called “The Lost Sheep”. That brand never took flight. He continued with the brand concept and state pride idea with a few designs that he could never settle with for mass production. Fast forward to 2016 when Josh launched the brand “Ruffling Feathers”. The Ruffling Feathers™ line was able to catch some traction in the local market with avid duck hunters which added to the vision, focus, and opportunity. In 2017,  the brand Low Country Clothing Co. was born (now known as Low Country Comfort Co.™)  and the vision started to become clearer. Since the birth of Low Country Comfort Co.™ the company has grown leaps and bounds with all the glory given to God.  All brand creations are now sold under the company Riverbed Threads, LLC with the newest being “Local Hooker™” and  “Raised Right™”.
As the number of  brands have continued to grow, so have the number of employees. Josh and Laura have been blessed with an amazing and rapid growing production staff, amazing women in the office to keep Josh in line and on task (sometimes a full-time job within itself), and the cool family addition to the staff of his sister and brother-in-law (Pamela and Chris). The company’s continuous growth shows their faith in God never returns void. God continues to allow much evidence of  what seems to be impossible become possible each year. Everyone here believes and lives by Joshua 24:15 “… but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”